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1.  Implementation of Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act,   2000.

With a view to provide care, protection and rehabilitation to neglected and children in conflict with law, this Act has been implemented in Haryana w.e.f. 1.4.2001 which was previously known as Juvenile Justice Act,1986 on the guidelines issued by Government of India. 

The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2000 

The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act Amendment, 2006 

The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Rules, 2002 

There is a budget provision of 155.70 lacs during the year 2007 -08 under the scheme.

Under the provisions of the Act  following homes have been set up in the State which are being run by the State Govt. directly and through N.G.Os In these homes, children are provided free boarding, lodging, education, clothing and training.

Residential Institution 

Run by the Government                                (Notifications)

    1. Observation Home, Sonepat.                       ( Annexure- 'B' )
Special Home, Sonepat.                             ( Annexure- 'C' )
    3. Observation Home, Karnal                          ( Annexure- 'D' )
    4. Observation Home, Faridabad                     ( Annexure- 'E' )
    5. State After Care Home, Sonepat.                 ( Annexure- 'F' ) 

Run through NGOs, (Distt. Council for Child Welfare)

     1. Shelter Home, Rewari.
     2. Children Home, Rewari
     3. Shelter Home,Chhachhrouli(Yamuna Nagar).

     4. Children Home,Chhachhrouli(Yamuna Nagar). 

2. Welfare of destitute children in need of care & Protection

Under the scheme of welfare of destitute children in need of care and protection, the department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Haryana is providing grant-in-aid to the voluntary organizations for the maintenance of orphan/destitute children. This scheme of Govt. of India has been taken over by the State Govt. w.e.f 1.4.1992.  Before that the Central Govt./State Govt. was running it on 50:50 sharing basis.

Recurring expenditure @ Rs.600/- per month per child is provided for maintenance of inmates as grant in aid. The department provides 90% grant in aid on 10% sharing basis. The following categories of destitute/orphan children are admitted in the Children Home who fulfill prescribed conditions mentioned in the scheme:-

    a)   Children who do not have either parents or near relation. 

     b)  Children who were found without any home or settled place of above or any other ostensible means of subsistence.

      c)  Children of single parent families deprived of adequate family care due to death, desertion, prolonged, illness, imprisonment of one of the parent and where the income of the family is less than Rs. 10,000/- per annum.

     d)  As a result of enforcing these conditions, no child who has already been admitted in the homes, should be sent out.  The voluntary organizations, are, however, required to review the case of all children from time to time to ascertain their continued eligibility for the benefits of the scheme taking into account the frequency of absence from homes to got the relatives places etc.  As such absence are indications of the persons who can take care of the children.  Also any new facts that had come to light should also be taken into accounts, of the time of such reviews.

                   Facilities being provided by NGOs

Free facilities of boarding, lodging, clothing, education, vocational training, health check-up and participation in holiday camps.  A number of units of 25 children in each institution is to be maintained by the NGO with the help of one house mother.

Besides, the department provides grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations for salary of staff, repair of buildings and expenditure regarding education of inmates etc. to Bal Bhawan Madhuban, Bal Gram Rai , Bal Kunj Chhachhrauli and Association for Social Health in India ( ASHIANA) Panchkula. Camps for children of weaker section are also organized through Holiday Home Society Chandigarh.

                                  ELIGIBILITY FOR ASSISTANCE

            Voluntary organizations eligible for assistance are: -> 

  1. Registered under the Society’s Registration Act, 1860 and should be generally an institution of established standing of not less than three years. That condition may be waived off by Government at their discretion particularly in respect of rural areas where the need for social welfare services is urgent;
  2. It shall have proven capability of work in the area of Child Welfare for a period of three years.
  3. It shall have a regularly constituted managing and Active Body of Trust. 
  4. have tangible assets, trained personnel and equipment. 
  5. be non-sectarian offering services to its beneficiaries irrespective of caste, colour or creed;
  6. have capacity to carry out the proposed scheme for development and / or have capacity for raising matching contribution, maintaining present level of activities and meeting expenditure thereof; and
  7. have need for a particular service in their area ensuring the avoidance of duplication within a reasonable distance.
  8. it shall have launch its website to enable general public to know about its activities/schemes and all the mandatory disclosure as required by this department shall be made on the website.
    There is a budget provision of Rs 89.00 during the year 2007-08 under this scheme
3. Scheme for the welfare of street children.

In India’s ten major cities it is find that a large number of street Children suffer destitution, neglect, abuse and exploitation due to the circumstances beyond their control. It is also find that due to a variety of reasons, basic urban services do not reach them in an effective and integrated manner. A review of Child Welfare Schemes have brought out that while there are schemes which provide residential care to neglected and socially maladjusted children all over the country, no plan scheme has so far been formulated to cater to the special problems and specific needs of Street Children in an integrated manner.


To provide integrated community based non-institutional basic services for the care protection and development of Street Children facing destitution, neglect abuse and exploitation.

Programme interventions will be focused on reduction of exploitation and abuse and with-drawal of children engaged in hazardous work.


 For the purpose of this scheme Street Children shall mean and include the following:-

  • Children who live on the streets or pavements;
  • Children who live in slums but spend most of their time on the streets engaged in various activities;
  • Children who work in (a) street trades such as rag picking, petty vending and shoe-shining (b) manual jobs as coolies, helpers, cleaners, rickshaw pullers etc. and (c) employment in wayside tea-stalls, restaurants, automobile garages, tyre and tube workshops, machine shops etc.


Out of the categories listed above priority should be given to street children who are destitute with no family ties whatsoever.

Priority target group from amongst the street children should be those who are victims of abuse and exploitation. 

For the younger children, priority interventions will be to reinstate them in their families and facilitate their participation in the formal primary education. For older children, efforts would be directed at enhancing for equipping them productive skills for the adult life.


           The components of the scheme will be as follows:-

 -   Identification of Street Children and their families found at the risk of disorganization, abuse or exploitation.

 -   Mobilising preventive health services and providing access to the marginalized children of and on the street to treatment facilities.

 -  Providing nutrition support to maintain the requisite level of physical and mental efficiency of Street Children.

 -  Offering facilities for literacy, numeracy and life education and initiating efforts for mainstreaming in the formal education system.

 -  Linking facilities for the training of Street Children in gainful vocations, trades and skills so as to enhance their earning capacity.

 -  Utilizing and promoting facilities for shelter and hygienic living.

 -  Offering counseling, guidance and referral services for upgrading the quality of life amongst Street Children.

 -  Making all possible efforts for the reintegration Street Children with their families or their placement in a family setting.

 -  Promotion of entrepreneurship among Street Children for income –generation, wherever necessary, by mobilizing facilities of institutional credit.

 -  Protecting Street Children against all forms of abuse and exploitation.


                Voluntary organization eligible for assistance would be:-

 a) Registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860.

 b) It shall have proven capability of work in the area of Child Welfare for a period of three years.

 c) It shall have a capacity for reaching out to at least 100 Street Children.

 d) It shall be recognized aided or approved by at least one State Govt. / Union Territory Administration.

 e) It shall have a properly constituted managing body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in written constitution.

 f) It shall not run for profit to any individual or a body of individuals.

 g) it shall have launch its website to enable general public to know about its activities/schemes and all the mandatory disclosure as required by this department shall be made on the website.


          Ninety percent of the cost of the project will be provided by the Government of Haryana and the remaining 10 percent shall be done by the NGO concerned.


SrNo.      Item                                                  Expenditure per  
Annum (Rs. in lac)




1                      Staff

      a)               Vocational Trainer (1) @ Rs 2000/-                                 0.24

                         Per Month consolidated

      b)                Street Educators (2) @ Rs. 1500/-                                0.36

                         Per Month consolidated

2                      Training/ Educational/ Learning                                      0.05


3                      Training / Orientation                                                    0.05 

4                      Advocacy                                                                    0.10 

5                      Contingency for Rehabilitation                                       0.10 

6                      Maintenance Assistance @ 125/- P.M.                          1.50 

7                      Rent of building @ Rs. 2000/- p.m.                                 0.24 

8                      Contingency for Stationary, Postage, Electricity             0.15

                        Water etc

2                      Training/ Educational/ Learning                                      0.05


3                      Training / Orientation                                                    0.05 

4                      Advocacy                                                                    0.10 

5                      Contingency for Rehabilitation                                       0.10 

6                      Maintenance Assistance @ 125/- P.M.                          1.50 

7                      Rent of building @ Rs. 2000/- p.m.                                 0.24 

8                      Contingency for Stationary, Postage, Electricity             0.15

                        Water etc




            Minimum qualification / experience required for staff in the project will be as under:-

S. No   Post                                         Qualification / Experience

1            Vocational Trainer                    Graduate with at least 2 years experience in

                                                            Vocational guidance / counseling of entropresueral



2          Street Educator                           BSW




A non-Government Organization desires of applying under this scheme should send its application to the Director, Social Justice & Empowerment Department of  Haryana through Deputy Commissioner and District Social Welfare Officer with recommendations of Deputy Commissioner / District Social Welfare Officer.


Should the actual expenditure on the items for which assistance was sanctioned fall below the level at which the grant was determined the organization shall be liable to refund unutilized portion of the grant to the Govt. of Haryana. The organization shall maintain separated accounts of the grants received under this scheme. They shall always be opened to check by an officer deputed by the Govt. of Haryana. They shall also be opened to test check by Controller and Auditor General of Haryana at his discretion. The organization shall maintain a record of all asserts acquired wholly or substantially out of Government grant. Such assets shall not be disposed of encumbered or utilized for the purpose other than those for which the grants were given without prior sanction of  the Government of Haryana. Should the organization cause to exist at any time, such assets will submit an audited statement of account with utilization certificate for all expenditure incurred. The organization will also submit to the department a statement showing the equipment purchased out of the assistance with its price and date of purchasing.





Name of the organization





Complete Postal Address





Date of establishment





Whether registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 or any other relevant Act? If yes, number and year of Registration.





Whether attested copy of Registration enclosed.





Whether the organization is of National Level of State Level ?






a)      Whether the institution is a part of larger organization, if yes, detail thereof

b)      Detail of building, whether it is, belong to Institution or rented building.





Brief details of the Organization, its objective and activities during the last three years.





Details of activities / programmes undertaking for the Development of street children during the last 3 years (progress of activities and audited statements of expenditure incurred with No. of beneficiaries covered during last 3 years to be enclosed).





Whether the list of names, addresses and occupation of the Managing Committee members (indicating the number of SC/ST members) enclosed?






No. of beneficiaries to be covered under the projects and estimated expenditure involved (item wise details of expenditure of non-recurring and recurring nature should be enclosed separately)





Details of the projects under the scheme for which grant-in-aid is sought and details of its proposed implementation.





Whether the application is being sent with the concurrence of the Managing committee / General body of the organization as per requirement of the byelaws of the organization.





Whether the organization is getting financial assistance from Central / Govt. states of any other source? If so, indicate the details of such assistance received during last three years.





Copies of the following documents to be attached.

Constitution of the organization and its articles of Memorandum?

It is certified that I have read the guidelines and terms conditions governing the scheme for the welfare of Street children and undertakes to abide by them on behalf of our organization.

                                                                                                    Signature of the Secretary / President                                                                                                              Of the Organization with stamp

There is a budget provision of Rs. 60.00 lacs during the year 2007-08 under this scheme

                                                         Annexure- 'D'
                                                  I Extract from Haryana Government Gazette. dated the 4th April, 2006)

                                                           HARYANA GOVERNMENT 
                                                                The 23rd March, 2006

No. 818-SW (4) 2006.-10 exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-section (2) ofthe Section 8 of the Juvenile
Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (56 of 2000) and all other powers enabling him in this behalf, the Governor of Haryana hereby recognizes Government run State After Care Home for Girls, Karnal as Observation Home for Girls (with capacity of 25 Juveniles) with effect from 20th March, 2006, for the purpose of the said Sub-section  

                                                                                                                                      DALIP SINGH,                                                                                 Commissioner and Secretary to Government Haryana.                                                                                                   Social Welfare Department

                                                                 40722-C.S.-H.G.P., Chd

                                                            Annexure- 'E'
              I Extract from Haryana Government Gazette. dated the 20th June, 2006)
                                                            The 26th May, 2006

No. 1279-SW (4)-2006 -ln exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-section (2) read with Sub-section (1) of the Section 8 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (56 of 2000) and all other powers enabling him in this behalf, the Governor of Haryana hereby recognizes Government run Protective Home Faridabad as Observation Home for Boys (with capacity of 25 juveniles) for the purpose of the said Sub-section. .This supersedes Government Notification No. 61-SW (3)-91. dated 16th January, 1991.                       

                                                                         Commissioner and Secretary to Government Haryana .                                                                                                  Social Welfare Department

                                                          41 036-C.S.-H.G.P., Chd 

                                                                 Annexure- 'E'

[ Extract from Haryana Government Gazette, dated the 27th February, 2007]

                                                                                HARYANA GOVERNMENT
The 14th February. 2007
No. 55-SW(4)2007.- The Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following rules for the administration of
the State After Care Home. Sonepat. These [Ules shall come into operation with immediate effect.
2. The aim of these rules is to regulate the administration of State After Care Home, Sonepat, in order to provide maintenance, education and training to such of the destitute male children who have no means for their maintenance education or training with a view to make them self sufficient and become useful members of the society.
3. The following categories of male children shall be eligible for admission to this institution :­
                  (a) discharged from Correctional and Non-Correctional institutions; 
                 ( b) whose father is under long term imprisonment and has no means of maintenance; (c) whose father is either of the age of 70 or above or is invalid due to permanent disability and has no means to maintain and educate the child; and
                   (d) widows having no means of maintenance of their children.
Provided that the monthly income of the father or widowed mother falling in categories
                          (c) and (d) above does not excxeed Rs. 1,0001- per mensem. However, where a father or widowed mother has more than two children, a further allowance of Rs. 150/- per mensem, per child be allowed, subject to a maximum ofRs. 1300/- per mensem per family.
:-Preference for admission to the Home will be given to children under category (a) above, the children of other categories being allowed admission subject to the availability of seats.

4. While the children falling under category (a) as defined in clause 3 above may be allowed admission to the Home when the arrangements for their maintenance/education in such correctional/non-correctional institutions cease according to the rule of such institutions subject to a maximum of 18 years age, the children of all other categories between the age group 12-16 shall be eligible for admission. No boy shall be maintained in the Home beyond the age of 20 years except in very special circumstances, with the sanction of the Director, Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana up to a maximum of one year who shall record reasons for allowing such an extension.
5. The boys admitted to the Home shall be required to maintain discipline and good moral character, and no boy shall absent himself from the Home without written permission of the Superintendent of the Home. It witl be obligatory for the boys to maintain cleanliness.

6. The boys admitted to the Home, shall apart from education, be imparted training within the Home where a production unit has been set up.

7. (i) Application for admission under the Scheme shall be submitted in form "ACH" by the father or widowed mother of intending applications and where the applicant is parentless by such children themselves to the Deputy CommissionerlDistrict Social Welfare Officer, Superintendent, State After Care Home, Sonepat. The requisite application form shall be obtainable free of charge from any of the aforementioned authorities or the office of the Director, Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana. (ii) The children coming from correctional or non-correctional institutions shall be admitted to the State After Care Home without submission or regular applications as provided in clause 4(1) above, provided the management of such an institution furnishes a certificate that the child fulfils all the conditions referred to in clause 3 above.

 8. It shall be the duty of the authorities mentioned in para 7(i) to carry out detailed enquiries'in to the position of each applicant and into other particulars given in the application form. The fact that the applicant is really destitute as defined in Rule 3 shall be checked with great care and while forwarding each application to the Director, Social Justice and Empowerment Department it shall be the responsibility of the recommending authorities to ensure that the case has been thoroughly verified and detailed reports are recorded enabling the sanctioning authority to decide the request without making any back reference.

 9. The Director, Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana shall be the sanctioning authority who shall pass orders in each case on the basis of the recommendations of the local officers mentioned in clause 7(i) of these rules or from such other authority as the sanctioning authority may consider appropriate or spot verification conducted by the departmental authorized officer(s) or officials specially deputed for the purpose. The decision of the Director. Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana shall be final.

  10. (i) Every child sanctioned admission to the Home shall be provided with free food, care, education, shelter, medical aid and other facilities as are essentially needed. The ration money charges which are presently Rs. 600/- per mens urn per head w.e.f. September, 2004. These can be reduced or increased by Government according to the prevalent conditions. (ii) Children who secure at least 2nd Division in the middle standard examination shall continue to receive education up to MatriclHigher Secondary Standard. Such of the children who are not found up to this standard and are found to be having no apptitude in receiving education shall be di verted to training in the nearby Industrial Training Institute.
(iii) Children who secure 1st Division in the Matriculation or Higher Secondary examination and are anxious to receive Higher education may with special sanction of the Director, Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Haryana be allowed to seek admission into nearby college(s) and other may be diverted to training in the courses of their choice, subject to the condition that the Superintendent of the Home certifies that the boy has an apptitude for the proPosed training and is likely to become self sufficient thereafter. In case no education beyond 3rd year of the Three Years' Degree Course shall be allowed at Government expenses.
 11. Children admitted outside the Home for receiving training/education shall be allowed scholarship as detailed hereunder, provided they produce a certificate from the Head of the Training/Educational Institution concerned that such children are not in receipt or any financial assistance from any other source :­ (i) Children admitted into Industrial Training Institute at the rate of Rs. 250/- per month each; (ii) College education at the rate of Rs. 350/- per month per head.

12. Efforts should be made by the Superintendent of the Home to secure free concession to the college students by approaching the concerned education institutions. Similarly efforts should also be made by them to secure books for them from poor students funds of the respective educational institutions, but in no case any other facility excepting scholarship shall be allowed under these rules.

    13. Children who have stayed in the Home for a period not less than two years may be allowed to take with them their clothing, beddings in their use at the time of their leaving the institution for training/education purposes.

    14. The cases of all the children admitted to the Homes shall be reviewed once in a year by a committee headed by one Departmental Officer alongwith Superintendent of the Institution as its member.

    15. These rules have been framed in consultation with the Finance Department approved vide their advice U. O. No. 3/l/2006-3FG-II(1630), dated 6th/10th October, 2006.                                                   

                                                                                                                              ANURADHA GUPTA,                                                                                                                Commissioner and Secretary to Government Haryana,        .                                                                                                                                                 Social Welfare Department.                                              
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